Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Obama Strategy

No one told me this. This is just what I think is actually going on.

First of all, Obama is a Democrat. If he actually sent U.S. Armed Forces into Libya he would be lynched as a Democrat beyond what he has already done.

However, the reality on the ground in the middle East is this: Iraq is a democracy after spending 1 trillion dollars there by the U.S. Government since our troops went there. Egypt's government fell and is now run by the army until there are elections there. Tunisia's government collapsed and is also fragile like Egypt. Syria may collapse next and be a very bloody place like Libya now is.

However, everyone knows that unless troops are sent into Libya that this still might be a place when all is said and done that reminds people more of the Rwanda massacres than the Bosnian massacres which will be horrific as the evidence is gathered in the future. Even if it is all the people that are now just missing and presumed dead.

So, I think at this point Obama knows he can't put U.S. troops on the ground by himself. So he will let the Republicans get the blame for it. It is the only way Obama will be re-elected. And no one ever said Obama was a fool.

So, if U.S. troops are sent in likely the Republicans will demand it, because of a Republican sense of military and American honor. And likely in the end it is the right thing to do. However, can we afford it financially? But on an honor level of the nation now, can we afford not to send in Ground troops eventually, even if it is only to send Qaddhafi to the World Court in the Hague?

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