Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Manifesting Prayers

There is a quote that I liked from a preview of a new movie called Thor. Thor says something like, "In my world magic and science are the same thing.

And I could also say in my own life's experience "Science and Prayer and Magic" are all the same thing.

Now this might scare a lot of people but in the end even though the statement is true the actuality is quite subtle. So there is thinking about something and then there is the actually making things happen or manifest.

What allows prayers to manifest usually is trust. What I mean by trust is it is sort of the same thing like you don't just elect any fool to be president. He has to be someone enough people trust to vote for him.

Well. In regard to manifesting prayers people have to have been tested all their lives by God and Life to see if all life can trust them. When enough life trusts a person then they are sometimes allowed to manifest the prayers of those around them including their own.

People who pray every day might not understand this principle. For example, it must be said that those who try to usurp and misdirect prayers often go insane or die. But those trained by God and all Life and trusted by God and all life are often, especially in emergencies used by God to assist in manifesting the prayers of those around them into reality.

This is why I often say to people: "In an emergency there is no limit to what God can do through anyone or any group of people with enough faith and correct motivation and heart."

In times when the prayers of thousands to millions manifest one or more people have to be willing to potentially die to manifest those prayers. It is not that they will die it's just that they need to not only be trusted by all life but also supported by all life for the prayers to manifest into the physical. So, someone has to stand up and lead even if they know they might die to save their people. So, whether it is a political leader or spiritual leader or both, someone has to be ready to die to make things happen. That's just the way things work in this Universe. They don't have to die usually, they just have to be ready to sacrifice themselves if necessary for the greater good.

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