Monday, March 21, 2011

Jonathan explains the universe as he sees it

Jonathan realized it was time to explain his version of the universe. Since, from his point of view this was a scientific and if you will philosophic recounting of his experience both as an intuitive, a siddha and Mahasiddha, he needed to make sure that all realized he wasn't trying to make this fit into any one religion or even all religions. In fact, he wasn't sure doing so would be useful really to anyone.

So, these are some of his observations:

"Well. I guess the best way to start would be to say how all this seems to work for someone who is the leader of the Plasma beings in the sun. Though I could be wrong about this, the clearest explanation of angels is that they come from out of the suns and stars and live in a slightly different dimension than humans do but that they are related to humans, sort of like guardians of humans here on earth.

Also, how I personally see it is that plasma beings are sort of like the birds of the earth in the overall scheme of things in the solar system and possibly even of the galaxy. Humans are sort of like a part of the human and animal evolution of earth and then there would be the ocean evolution of beings. So, if you sort of saw plasma beings both inside our sun being the same as the plasma beings that live inside the magma of the earth and inside the magma of all the planets and moons of the solar system that is a good start.

So, if the crust of the earth is broken and the sea gets in too much it can be problematic for all the human and animal, and birds, and sea creatures of earth because the earth's crust could blow up from all the steam generated from the breaking of the crust along the tectonic plates. So, this would end all the evolutions of bird, human and animal, and ocean creatures on earth. It might even damage the plasma evolutions of earth that live within the magma of the earth if the explosive steam from the ocean seeping into the magma blew the tectonic plates apart.

So, the fact that the North Eastern Coast of Japan has sunk 3 feet shows that tectonically Japan is in a precarious position and doesn't need any more big quakes. However, the nuclear problem there is affected by the ongoing aftershocks and could potentially interact with a good sized earthquake or tsunami especially if the coast in northeastern Japan sinks anymore in the near future.

When the nuclear power plants were first built around the earth it was not considered that a catastrophe of this size and nature could actually occur. But because it now has all nuclear power plants on earth near the ring of fire are in potential jeopardy both now and in the future. For when a quake of this magnitude takes place the crust all around the ring of fire must adjust so quakes at 7.0 or above likely will occur around the ring of fire as the plates adjust over the next 1 to 5 years all around the ring of fire.  The quake in Haiti, then the Quake in Chile, then the quakes in New Zealand and now the quake in Japan likely are all related to the adjustment of the tectonic plates in the ring of fire. So, any nuclear power plants, (especially in a clockwise motion around the pacific) might be in danger of having the same or similar problems that the  Fukushima site is now having at some point in the next 1 to 5 years.

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