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Jonathan and the Golden City

note: Jonathan Flow is someone I have written about since the early 1980s  now. He shows up first in my "Memories"  Series at:

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But he doesn't show up until part 2 and 3

The poem is written by him that starts

"I sing a song of youth, truth and beauty"

at the top of part 2

dragonofcompassion - Memories Part 2 and 3

Also, after the end of "Memories part 11" he also shows up in:

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I just returned home from Mt. Shasta and haven't slept yet. So even though it is 1:53 Am in the morning I feel I must try and share what I experienced this time in  Shasta in some form that might be healing and help give you some peace in your life during these dangerous times here on earth.

Jonathan and the Golden City

To describe what the Golden city is, it might be useful if you know about Shambhala. Shambala is a legendary city or dimension where Tibetan Buddhists want to go(and many many others) that is connected to earth sort of like a heaven realm. To Tibetan Buddhists it comes in part from receiving the Kalachakra Initiation hopefully by the Dalai Lama which I received along with my family in December 1985 in Bodhgaya, India along with about 500,000 others from around the world. All three of my children then aged 10 through 14 received this initiation as well as I.

The Golden City is sometimes associated with Shambhala and Mt. Shasta but also sometimes is associated with Lemuria which one could also associate with Shambhala. and Mt. Shasta is thought to be a historical Lemurian library by many people and the rocks of the mountain are the storage device for the library. So the easiest way to become part of the knowledge is to put a rock from Mt. Shasta under your pillow and to go to sleep if you are interested. Some people believe this and some don't. It is entirely up to you what you believe.

I have had several different experiences with "The Golden City" as an intuitive during my life. It is a surprise to me that I learned more these past 4 days than I learned the previous 62 years of my life. I think this was because of the dire need of mankind at this time in the history of the human race. This is my present belief.

Jonathan: "I feel like I'm in Heaven" he said to his daughter who had driven down from Oregon to meet him at Bunny Flats on Mt. Shasta. "There is no one here but us and the snow looks like miniature balls of snow. They seem alive." Jonathan's adult daughter seemed radiant and alive in a very special way right now. Her glowing red hair caught the sun as the clouds blew away to reveal the beautiful snow covered mountain. The snow had been coming down for several days and nights now and as the clouds lifted it revealed not only the mountain but the mostly untouched snow that glinted in the late afternoon sun. His daughter fell down to the side of her cross country skis trying to take a picture. So she got a shot up close of the amazing miniature snow balls, thousands of them. 

Later they skied down Bunny Flats back to the car. The snow reached about 12 feet high on either side of the parking lot. But with metal edged mountaineering skis or snow shoes it could be traversed so they had this day with their skis.

Jonathan's daughter asked him to tell the story of how in 1970 he had almost frozen to death on the mountain and how he had seen "The Golden City" and knew if he died this was where his soul would have gone. She asked, "Where is the Golden City now. Jonathan's gifts from God were based in their most powerful forms upon the prayers of others. So when she asked this Jonathan's sight automatically opened and he looked for "The Golden City" but it wasn't where he expected it to be and so he was surprised at this. But then he started to laugh. He laughed because it became clear to him that for some reason "The Golden City was interfacing with Bunny Flats itself. But then he became scared because it reminded him of the heaven realms coming closer to earth as a precursor to all the 250,000 people dying in the 2004 Tsunami in Indonesia and the Indian Ocean. No sooner had this fear come to him but a voice from the Golden City said, "Not necessarily". This meant that more people weren't necessarily going to die like did then. Immediately, Jonathan felt incredibly relieved at this news.

He laughed again that the Golden City was right here interfaced with the two of them. He was amazed that the sun was setting and no one else was here but his daughter and he.

It made sense why his daughter and he had been feeling like they were in heaven the past hour or more while being up at Bunny Flats. However, it began to get colder there and the temperature was now between 20 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit. And since they weren't skiing and generating heat in this way they decided to get into the car and turn the engine and heater on to keep warm as the temperature dropped. But Jonathan's natural inclination to drive down was stopped by his daughter. She said, "Let's stay here. Look at the moon and I want to experience the Golden City more."

Being now 62 years old his idealism had long been replaced with pragmatism which everyone gets to who survives until 62 or more years old in still in control of their lives. But still he remembered how it felt to be in his early twenties with so much love and enthusiasm for life like his daughter, so he listened to her even though his body wanted to go down the mountain, take a shower and relax.

But so many amazing things had happened today. He thought about how much more quickly than he did his daughter was moving forward spiritually. He had had to suffer so much to get where he was in life. But she seemed to be sailing forward without as much struggle and effort as he had had to put into it all. It was like she was standing upon his shoulders and talking to God. Jonathan liked this way of looking at it. It made perfect sense.

Finally, after 1/2 hour to an hour she asked him to "Om" with her. She said, "How long has it been since you "Om'ed" with someone? Jonathan thought about it and said, "It's been since the early 90s since I have "Om'ed" much with other people. She said, "Om with me Dad." So they did for about 20 minutes or more. This seemed to be very powerful and they both felt much more in tune with the mountain and the Golden City and all it seemed to want to share with mankind during these difficult times on earth.

Eventually, Jonathan got it really strong to move down the mountain in the car. So he did. However, he was amazed that a finger or arm of the Golden city stayed around the car all the way to town. This was something he had never seen before. At this point he knew that humans were being given something very special. Some new dispensation was being given to mankind in blessing and help at this time of sadness on earth.

The next day, Jonathan's daughter returned north and he went south west towards his home near San Francisco but still the Golden city seemed to change everyone's lives as he passed by. It seemed to be blessing people all along the way. Even when he reached his home near San Francisco the Golden City was still there with him and in the heart and mind and being and around his daughter as well. A miracle had happened and his daughter and he had been blessed to be an ongoing part of it. Thank you God!

As he drove down the freeway towards home he felt the Golden City with him somehow. He felt it spread out to bless everyone for miles and miles around. At one point the sacred Golden Fire of the Golden City he saw surrounding the whole planet. He also watched people that were freaking out in their lives catch on fire from this "Golden City" fire and their upsetedness started to burn away right then so they could cope once again with their lives and move on.  At one point Jonathan became afraid because a very powerful Being from the physical Sun came to him and said, "Why are you burning the earth with this golden sacred fire?"

Jonathan didn't know how to answer this so he asked his teacher Saint Germain what to do. Saint Germain said, "Tell him you are creating a special dispensation in order to save mankind from themselves." So, Jonathan said to the Solar Sun Leader "I'm trying to save mankind from the extreme suffering right now so they can better cope." The Solar Logo said, "I will help you." Jonathan couldn't believe what happened next, he saw the physical sun in spirit envelop the whole earth and increase and maintain this golden sacred fire around everyone and heal their bodies and souls with it's power and majesty and sacred essence. Tears came to his eyes in gratitude for this blessing for mankind. So all the way home he kept experiencing his Lexus as a Golden Flying Saucer and sometimes as a golden sphere about 30 feet in diameter moving along the freeways and hiways. He knew by the looks in the eyes of some people that they saw what he saw as well and were amazed.

Jonathan had noticed more since Padma and Arcane had turned him into Meridian in his first stages of being that his perceptions of the whole universe had  changed remarkably as well as his gifts. There was a new form of integration of everything everywhere that hadn't existed in relation to his God Given Gifts before. He was noticing God's spiritual leaders were making themselves known to him more frequently. God's supernatural help was coming more and more to keep life on earth going in these times of extreme transition. Though to most people on earth life had gone completely "out of control" still God still seemed to have a plan for it all that was temporarily at least "Beyond" most people. This thought hit him in the stomach so he prayed deeply for all mankind and all the one's who were suffering from all the extreme changes on earth.

When Jonathan reached home on the Northern California coast about 1 mile from the ocean he could here the waves crash and the sea lions crying out as they do from time to time. It felt like the ocean and the sea lions were welcoming him home once again to the coast. But something was incredibly different this time. This time the Golden city had come with him. He looked internally and watched how it was now interfaced with the miles around his home. During the night he watched how the solar being who had asked him when he was driving south extend the "Golden Sacred Fire" of the Golden City all over the earth. Jonathan was amazed and grateful for this blessing for all mankind. He remembered how remarkable the Solar Logo was. He had said yesterday, "I will keep the golden sacred fire freeing the minds and hearts of mankind around the earth as long as necessary."

Jonathan now understood the fullness of this as being days, weeks months, years or even centuries. Jonathan was now completely amazed at the world that he lived in now that Padma and Arcane had turned him into a new and just born Meridian.

Later:  August 7th 2012: I was rereading this and experiencing once again what my daughter and I experienced then around the time of the Japanese Tsunami and Earthquake and I heard the voice of the Solar Logo of our Sun say, "I'm still maintaining this as long as humans of earth need my help." I was amazed once again to be contacted by the Solar Logo who is in charge of the Sun of our Solar System. I am very grateful to the Solar Logo on behalf of mankind who is helping us in our hour of need.

Also, August 7th 2012:

I realized I should share with you the first time I saw the Golden city. It was Christmas Vacation from College in 1970 and two of my buddies were on college break in the snow of Mt. Shasta. We had been trying to walk with backpacks and snowshoes up to the Sierra Club Lodge but got caught in a white out where we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces and couldn't tell where we were or what direction we were going. We had no choice but to dig a snow cave with our snowshoes and spend the night where we were to stay alive. As I entered the snow cave my inner sight opened up and I saw the Golden City attached to the mountain. If you can imagine a city that reminded me of the Washington Monument with domes and pyramids around it attached by a line sort of like a floating ship at around 12,000 feet in altitude on the mountain at that time. Since I knew I had about a 50% chance of freezing to death that night or the next day I believe I saw the Golden City in case I died so I would know where to go with my soul during the night or the next day. However, even though all my arm, leg and finger joints hurt almost constantly for the next two or three years I survived that night and the next day and lived to tell about it. I was 22 when this happened.

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