Monday, April 20, 2015

A war that no one wins: That ends all governments in the Middle East permanently

 Today God woke me terrified. I had to call my wife in the Bay Area so terrified by what I saw was I.

This middle east war no one can win. The middle east loses. All Governments in the middle East end. No civilization will remain. Until enough people understand that literally everyone in the middle east could die form this, it won't stop. Even if most people know this it won't stop.

This is millions and misllions of lemming jumping off a cliff together.

At present anyone who stays in the Middle East could die and unnatural death any moment. If you wish your family to survive this and are rich enough to leave please do.

The Saudi Arabian and IRan Governments will fall too but they will be the last to fall (whenever that is).

There will be no survivors only the dead and the losers left alive with no food or water too drink and people eating each other to survive the starvations that will come.

Leave if you are able, "Mark my words". Leave the middle east now if you are able or watch your children eaten by the insane!!!!!!!

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