Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Archangels Mt. Shasta Motorized Paraglider flying club- a non-profit

I just contacted someone today to recommend who the non-profit should hire as a mechanic to keep the motors running and lines intact etc. for the non-profit.

Since I'm still traveling in Oregon now in Portland I'm not able to take a meeting with my cousin the lawyer who has been before the U.S. Supreme court in his capacity as a lawyer several times now. So, I need to meet with him and maybe go Sailing in his Catalina 25 Sail Boat at Newport Beach California (I think) or is it at Long Beach now). It's hard to remember. Anyway I need to consult with him how to proceed creating this type of non-profit dedicated to everyone that wishes having their private time in the sky flying a motorized paraglider (or whatever fun type of vehicle they want to be flying in that is fairly safe for people from around the world.

I agree with the Elon Musk of China who is also an advocate for this universal idea that billions of people are now getting behind.

Sort of like Every man and every woman a potential "Iron man or Iron Woman".

I haven't met with the people who train PPG pilots at Emigrant Lake near Ashland or in Hornbrook just south over the Mt. Ashland Pass towards Yreka. However, likely most pilots like me or members of the Mt. Shasta Co-op will be trained at Emigrant Lake or Hornbrook to fly motorized Paragliders.

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