Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My favorite place to Stay in Oregon: Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge ever since I first discovered it about 5 years ago is really amazing. Imagine this. Something that sort of reminds me in a way of the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite where President Kennedy, his family, The Queen of England have all stayed at one point or another. Though it is much smaller than Yellowstone Lodge it reminds me a little of Yellowstone Lodge as well.

It was built by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Core) during the 1930s well before World War II and Constructed of Stones and huge timbers. The rooms have the old world charm of the 1930s luxury and you are at 6000 feet and if you wish (most years) there is year around Skiing. (Check weather and snow conditions before you make reservations here.

The views (when the clouds move away are miles and miles, (especially in a southern, south eastern and south western direction. If you look to the north (and the clouds have left) you see the peak of Mt. Hood (which you are on at the 6000 foot level.

The first time I stayed here with my daughter, her boyfriend and my son, it snowed 5 feet of snow in 3 days in February or March of that year. So, the snow blowers and snow groomers were running 24 hours a day so the whole hotel wasn't snow bound by this much snow all at once. In fact, some of the buildings people were on top of (The ski rentals building that has a mostly flat roof) pushing the 5 feet of snow off before the roof collapsed.)

So, being at this altitude is always an adventure. When we had dinner in the Cascade Room last night (included with our room) it was already 33 degrees out and going to at least 25 last night. This morning the ground is frozen and ice is everywhere so people aren't driving cars right now because you would just slide off the road down the mountain until it warms up a little to melt the ice on the road.

So, if you want a luxurious 1930s style mountain adventure where most days of the year you can don your ski gear and at the very least take the lift up to 8500 feet and ski the glacier there, this is the place!

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