Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The plastic fork and the round, juicy desirable cantaloupe

I had bought at a local health food store a particularly nice smelling round cantaloupe. However, since I can't lift over 10 pounds (my doctor says) I only took a back pack with a couple of pairs of underwear and socks, medicines and vitabmins and my laptop, Ipad and a newDvd player screen combo at about 10 or 11 inches across to watch Skyfall during the flight.

So, when the kids (my daughter 26 and her boyfriend 30 dropped me off at the hotel I sadly realized I didn't have a knife because I would have had to have checked it in my luggage that I didn't have. So, this mean I planed to buy a larger swiss army knife with a 4 to 5 inch blade knife the next day.

However, how was a plastic fork going to help eating a big round cantaloupe?

Actually, here is how I did it. I used the back end of the fork sort of as a knife to cut along an edge and to peel up the green parts of the cantaloupe. Having done that I hen put the fork end into the cantaloupe to eat small pieces (wow it was a good cantaloupe)

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