Friday, April 24, 2015

Portland Loved the Moody Blues

May 2nd is 51 years the Moody Blues have been together as a group. They started I think round the same time as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and they are still around today. Amazing! From Beginning to end Portland loved and cherished the Moody Blues and everything they had to say in their songs. Wonderful! It had been since their tour in 1974 when my oldest son was still in my first wife's tummy when I last saw them in San Diego in 1974 likely in march or April of 1974 because my son was born in May 1974.

Graham Edge the GRey haired and bearded drummer is now 74 and I think John Lodge is 69 and Justin Hayward is now somewhere in between in age of the other too. Amazing! And by the way next week I will be 67. We're all getting up there but still kicking.

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