Monday, April 20, 2015

Armageddon is here?

This is very unfortunate. Most people don't understand what Armageddon really is. It is actually the revenge of the demon souls upon the living.

There is nothing nice about this at all. The big nations need to step in with their armies now and stop this before it gets worse.

I don't know what you are going to do about demon souls possessing the living. But, the only way to stop Armageddon right now. (God doesn't want this to happen because if it happens the way it is going all humans go extinct.

So, just know God is watching to see if the big nations are civilized enough to stop this now. It can be done without armies. Russian, Chinese and American Drones alone can stop this.

STrategic strikes at a level of proficiency of World War II allies can stop this. All that is needed is the motivation to stop this.

People who are attached to Armageddon are ignorant about what it really is.

Let the secular people wipe out the possessed on both sides.

With no Muslims to possess this war will end.

Once you kill all the potential ones who could be possessed by demons you end Armageddon!

However, milllions will have to be killed to stop this now.

Otherwise, all nations will be no more in the middle east ever.

By the way even those that don't believe me soon will.

Let's just hope we don't wait until there is no hope for humans on earth either before that happens.

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