Monday, April 20, 2015

Is God Against Birth Control?

Let's be logical here. If no one had used birth control the whole world would be killing itself right now just like the middle east is. It isn't blowing up in the U.S. and Europe precisely because of birth control abortion etc.

If you are a logical person and not a complete idiot you know this because it is only practical.

Archangel Michael may be the single most practical and efficient being I have ever met. And he is just a chip off of God.

God isn't an idiot. If he let you guys populate there would soon be 1 trillion people here with an insane amount of suffering going on.

Here is a law here on earth.

Law: If you have too many people here on earth they WILL start to kill each other completely like in the Middle east now.

For example, for me the danger right now after all this ends 20 to 50 years from now I think is: no governments with everyone nuked and dead and all arab blood lines who hadn't already moved to the U.S. europe etc. are completely wiped out.

This is my fear the way this is going now.

This won't be a war that anyone wins. However, it IS a war where everyone will die in the way it presently is being fought.

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