Friday, April 24, 2015

The Moody Blues 8pm tonight live in Portland Oregon: the 28th in San Jose!

The last time I saw the Moody Blues live was at the San Diego Forum in 1974 with my first wife who was then pregnant with my son who is now 41 and lives overseas and makes good money teaching English there, enough so that he has a great place to live a nice car and is married with a baby there and is relatively happy to be able to use his Bachelor of Science Degree in this way.

So, here I am 41 years later in 2015 seeing them once more I believe with a full Orchestra and great seats and several members of my extended family. What Fun! I even rented a Camaro muscle car to remind me of my brand new 1968 Camaro that I bought when I was 20 years old and making three to 4 times the minimum wage programming and operating computers then. It didn't take much college to make a lot of money with computers back then. You just had to be smart enough and I was. However, I then made the mistake of taking a job midnight to noon 7 days a week, got sick and got fired after I crashed my bumper on my Camaro. What a blow to a young Ego? But then, I moved from Hollywood Hills where my Aunt who was an actress then had a fancy Hollywood house and swimming pool that I loved to use, to Venice where I actually was trying to live on the Beach in Santa Monica but wound up in Venice instead. The problem was Venice was sort of one of the Los Angeles Haight Ashbury kind of places so it was somewhere I need to not stay very long. So, three months later I moved in with my parents in San Diego and went back to college while many people I knew were getting crazy and dying in place like San francisco, Haight Ashbury and Venice. I'm glad I survived all that.
3 years later I learned to soul travel efficiently while listening to the Moody Blues play "In search of the Lost Chord and "Om". Suddenly I was free of my body and I was in a new paradigm forever where no one could ever tell me that I was my body and nothing else because I had observed the soul and the body and how they separate especially at night during sleep. So, I learned to travel all over earth first and then to the Stars and into the Center of the Galaxy. Yes. I was ballzy like a big wave surfer. But, that's just who I was then.

Don't EVER listen to digital recordings of the Moody Blues. You just have to hear them in person or on vinyl otherwise you just won't get how amazing their music really is. Digital turns their music to shit! remember that.

In person or records only if you want the actual experience! They are totally amazing with Moog Synthesizers and mellotron and other devices. Amazing still even after all these years! My favorite Group (especially the lyrics) of all the groups in the 1960s and 1970s. Other favorite groups: The Beatles, Led Zepillin and the Eagles. But, the only groups I actually went to see (the moody blues twice) were Led Zepillin and the Moody Blues.

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