Thursday, April 30, 2015

We are Thoughts in the Mind of God

After meeting Archangel Michael at Age 2 when he kept me from dying of whooping cough I wanted to become like him to rescue others they way I was rescued by the Archangels. So, I prayed for this growing up. Eventually, I was given a paradigm shift which almost killed me around 21 or 22 years of age while I was in college.

Then I found I could travel around the world through Bi-location as I found astral projection (projecting your soul out of your body) can leave it vulnerable to bad things possessing your body while you are gone. So, I learned instead to be 2 or more places at once in consciousness. So, I was still in my body guarding it while being more than one place at a time as a mind or soul body.

In my early 20s I still believed there were always a point A (where we were) and a Point B  (where we wanted to get to).

I believed this for many years into my 20s until I finally realized after bi-locating throughout this Galaxy and to other galaxies that time and space were not ultimately real.

So, I then discovered by age 30 that a real Soul Traveling Master knows this. He or she knows that he or she is everywhere in time and space already. So, there is no (Going Anywhere) because you are already there.

And the reason you are already there is that each of us are only thoughts in the mind of God.

And part of the mind of God is what we call the Physical universe.

Also, it is not necessary to call the physical universe God, you can just as easily call it Buddha or even "The Nature of the Universe" or even "The Force" as Yoda might say.

All are equally true depending upon your traditions you were raised with.

But, for me, I am a thought in the mind of God and so are you.

And beyond that, how do you separate any thought you think from your identity?

Your thoughts are a stream of consciousness. There are no breaks (unless you consider sleeping or daydreaming) breaks. So, every thought you think is one stream of consciousness.

So, if each of us are God's thoughts, then we are also inherently all of God's thoughts too. There is no way to separate the thought from the wholeness of God, is there?

Therefore, if you understand you are a thought in the mind of God you are also a part of the wholeness of God that is everywhere in Time and Space even though time and space are not ultimately real. Only Being is real.

Time is not real, Space is not real.

Only Being is real which is eternal.

We are only thoughts in the mind of God and there is no way to separate one thought from all the others.

Take care of all the other thoughts of God because that is God's wish for you and I.

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