Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cathars thought human spirits were trapped spirits of angels, cursed to be reincarnated

Cathars thought human spirits were the genderless spirits of angels trapped within the physical creation of the evil god, cursed to be reincarnated until the Cathar faithful achieved salvation through a ritual called the consolamentum.[9]
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I think they actually got a lot of things right here. I have often thought that the "God" Moses Saw as the burning bush likely was an alien race of humanoids trying to control the direction of civilization here on earth. So, Moses teachings were a way to both civilize and to pacify earth so eventually humans would get ot the point they are today where contact with other worlds might be possible. 

In other words I believe humanoid UFOs did a "Cargo Cult" number on Earth to cause it to be compatible with their civilizations on other worlds over time.

So, to the Cathars the Old Testmament God was Evil and only the New Testament of Jesus was about the Good God.

Here is what I mean by an interplanetary Cargo Cult happening:

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    A cargo cult is a Melanesian millenarian movement encompassing a diverse range of practices and occurring in the wake of contact with the commercial networks of ...
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    Throughout Melanesia primitive men await a black Messiah who will bring them a largess of "cargo" (European goods). These cults typify the impact of Christendom on ...
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    Every year on February 15th, natives of Tanna Island in the Republic of Vanuatu hold a grand celebration in honor of an imaginary man named John Frum.
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    After World War II anthropologists discovered that an unusual religion had developed among the islanders of the South Pacific. It was oriented around the concept of ...

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