Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Face of Near Death

Nothing was funny to me at all at this point. I could not laugh at what I was going through. I was in a full death mode and couldn't pull out. However, a week later I had made my way back north (because my wife was driving me crazy) I realized the only way to save my marriage long term was to go walkabout. Which basically means, "I love you dear. I want to stay married to you and not demand a divorce but you have no idea whatsover how bad this is that I'm going through. And because you don't understand I have to leave even if I die in the process. Because if I stay it will be the end of us as a married couple and that won't be good for you and I or our kids or our friends and all the people who love and who support our marriage and family.

So, basically I went "Walkabout in my motor home after putting 1200 dollars in new Michellin tires on it. I didn't even wash the bird poop off it. I just got in and left. Now a couple of weeks later I'm in Portland, Oregon and will see my wife for the first time and we will go to a concert here for my birthday. And she is bringing her friend and her daughter who is a student at Williamette College and a member of a Sorority there. The four of us and my older daughter's boyfriend will all attend this concert together.
This is a selfie taken in the hotel I almost died in in Mt. Shasta.

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