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Foods For Life near Glendale, CA

I'm not sure Foods for life still has a place in Glendale or not but it appears there are many spinoffs to this wonderful market that fed us so well for years as I grew up to be 21 in 1969 and moved first to Hollywood Hills to stay with my aunt who was an actress and my cousin there after my parents moved to San Diego because he was IBEW and could double his income by going back there because he was local San Diego IBEW Journeyman Union Electrician. At that time I think he went either from 5 to 10 an hour or from 7 to 14 an hour. By the time he retired in 1980 he was making 30 dollars and hour plus benefits. Pretty good I think.

Next, I never got any shots at all.

However, I also got whooping cough so the one shot I would get prevents whooping cough. Both I and my oldest son had whooping cough and it almost killed us both and my son's bought gave him asthma. But by Going to San Bernadino state Extension in Palm Springs his Asthma went away permanently.

So, even if you go for the herd immunity of no shots at all still think about preventing whooping cough which is a real killer at any age still.