Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Thing about Reincarnation

I was raised to be a Mystical Christian who believed that Christians reincarnate to become more like Jesus. This belief was shared actually by most Christians from the time of Christ onwards, except for national Christian Churches who wished to enslave Christians mentally, emotionally and physically to make money of those Christians suffering and early deaths slaving for them. So, beliefs that didn't include reincarnation was ONLY a way to enslave poor uneducated Christians into slaving their short lives, dying and perpetuating this bondage.

The Cathars were a supremely fine example of Christians who believed much like people in the 1960s "Flower Children" in Jesus, reincarnation and the fact that one could have children without being married and that that was okay with God. And then the Catholic Church Annihiliated all Cathars and burned them at the stake, murdered all their children and relatives and stole all their incredible wealth too.

Even myself when I believed in reincarnations as a young man I believed in a Linear Reincarnation rather than seeing it for what it actually was. In other words I believed a soul lived sequentially starting from about the Time of Christ and that those lifetimes were lived in a sequential way ever after.

Nope. This isn't the way it works. What actually happens looks more like a starburst of incarnations that spread out from one point in time and space but then reach 1000 to 1 million or more incarnations throughout the universe and potentially throughout all time and space past, present and future.

However, I didn't fully experience this until the late 1990s (1998 and 1999 to be exact)  when I almost died of a Heart virus and was forced by life to retire then. This was a very rude awakening for me and basically blew my mind in a way I'm not sure I can even write about effectively.

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