Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Popular Science: 100 inventions that changed the world

I bought a Popular Science magazine that lists and talks about the 100 inventions that changed the world. I found this a pretty fascinating subject being someone who basically, (like my father, uncles, cousins and myself) is basically a technophile ( a lover of technology and the study of how everything works). The first 4 listed on the cover in pictures are: Drones, Locomotives, Penicillin and Electric Guitars.


Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircraft piloted by remote control or, more frequently, a preprogrammed flight path. Drones are primarily used by the military for surveillance or equipped with missiles for precision strikes. However, as drone technology progresses, the list of commercial applications is growing.

Drone research began as early as World war I and continued through World War II, but the programs had little success.

end quote from page 80 of: Popular Science 100 inventions that Changed the World.

Here is an article I compiled a while back on: Drones very small to large

If you want to see all the stuff I compiled or wrote about or both here at this site please put into the search window "Drones" here at this site.

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