Sunday, April 19, 2015


Archangel Michael is one of the funniest and most earthy beings that work for God you will ever meet. You know who he reminds me of the most? My Grandfather and my Dad. Just like with them no wrong goes unpunished, no harm or foul is forgotten no matter how big or small. No lie is left forgotten unavenged by Michael.

I went over to my hotel morning breakfast which comes with the room I got some good food and set it on my wheeled walker(that I can move really fast with when I want to. Sometimes I even run because it makes me laugh like a kid with a new toy. It's got brakes like a 10 year old boys newest bike. Mine is metallic blue and cost 233 dollars of which medicare paid 180 which I thought was quite nice of them which means I only paid 53 for the cute little thing that i sometimes run with just for fun and giggles. You see, after my operation I'm only allowed to carry 10 pounds or under for the first month of recovery.

However, my strength before the operation was that I could lift at least 300 pound with my upper body and much more with my legs. At 20 I lifted just with my legs over 1000 pounds so when I got my VW bug stuck I just grabbed the front bumper and lifted it into the air and walked it around in a circle until I was able to drive away that day.

Well. What is an Archangel Michael Decoy. It means I am a battle strategic Archangel Michael trick.

He has really great fun watching unknowing people attack me while he runs them through with his sword.

Mostly it is people who are scared to meet someone like me who now carries the full aura of a 6 foot 5 Archangel. Oh, by the way he sees me as his son. So you are dealing with this too. So, attacking me for any reason physically or supernaturally only brings death within 2 weeks to most people and beings here on earth.

You should hear Michael laugh when he runs someone through he has wanted to get at for centuries.

Those beings often just shrivel up and die before his eyes.

Those just went through instant full karma returned or the death or 2nd death of their souls.

He will say things like "Die. you MF!"

This is the kind of guy he is. All you soldiers and police out there around the world would love him.

He's just like you! He's very earthy and practical just like you. And I take after him because he began teaching me by ending my whooping cough at age 2 in 1950. He's been teaching me to soul travel through time and space all over the universe ever since just like he does. What Fun! What marvelous fun we have had and will have ongoing into the future!

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