Friday, April 24, 2015

Fly PPG Dubai?

This is absolutely a surrealistic video of guys and likely gals too flying, running jet skis and doing all sorts of stuff. I could see the value of flying low over water simply because it is a softer landing in an emergency. But, it also could be a way to drown if you couldn't get free of your motor fan and paraglider over head pretty quick as well if you hit a down draft or made some mistake.

The label on the video there starts with "Fly fish" if you want to see a surrealistic experience of people there flying PPGs running jet skis and doing all sorts of amazing things all at once.

so, if you slam into the water you likely would like to be in no more than 3 feet of water when you do so you don't drown or ruin your engine if it sucks up water into it. And if it is ocean if ocean water gets sucked up into your engine through the carburetor you might have to kiss the engine goodbye.

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