Sunday, April 26, 2015

Liability and Flying Clubs

After speaking both with my wife "who has an MBA in non-profits" and who sits on the board of one non-profit right now and who has sat on the board of other non-profits in the past and her friend who is traveling with her daughter who is a sorority member and student at Willamette University in I believe Salem Oregon nearby I found out that the liability that I would incur funding a non-profit flying club or even loaning money to someone buying a PPG (powered paraglider) would place so much potential liability on my wife's and my resourses that I have had to realize in practicality that it just wasn't worth the liability to be involved in any way shape or form in this type of non-profit.

I find this incredibly depressing. However, I am a very practical man in the end or we wouldn't be doing financially as well as we are otherwise.

My wife's friend is a Tax Accountant professionally and also had many useful things to say. 

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