Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My life has always been a long series of Miracles so for me this is normal

Here is the process:

People think I'm going to die
I get very close
Then a miracle happens and I'm okay

Here are the situations from 1950 to the last 20 days of my life

1950-whooping cough
1958 to 1963-Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy

No seizures since 1963 ever

1969- ostracised from parents and my childhood religion I was born into. Also, broken up with fiancee and girlfriend of two years who is also forbidden to talk to me ever again who is a member of my church.

So, I'm suicidal from 1969 to 1973

I get married and have a son in 1974. all is well. My son right now will turn 41 in May.

Then at 50 I get a heart virus. I cannot breathe and get my blood to oxygenate a lot of the time.

Most people I know of with this die but not me because I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter so I refuse to die and leave her without a father. So, now I'm retired (another miracle because I fully expected to work until I died).

Conjestive Heart Failure- diagnosed around 2010  start taking lisinopril for heart and spironolactone to fix edema and the heart stress it causes.

Burst appendix: if everything hadn't gone as perfect as it did I likely would have died like many people do especially when they demand a doctor save them when their appendix just burst.

If you demand that they go inside you it just might kill you of sepsis for at least 2 days to a week. I went one week before I realized I needed to get tested for an appendix problem.

So, my life has always been a miracle and so I thank God for my miracle life every single day.

If your appendix bursts and you have a decent immune system stay away from the emergency room because you need to just suffer it out for about 2 days time. What most people's immune system does (healthy ones like mine) is they isolate the infection to one area within 2 days. In fact, I waited a week after my first night in the emergency room.

I learned it is the main reason why I'm still alive now (that and my amazing immune system from eating organic foods since birth, being a vegetarian from birth to about age 32, never having had any kind of shot until I was 15 and only then because it was required by law for dog bite.

However, I did almost die of whooping cough so maybe you want to give your kid a shot to prevent whooping cough because that stuff can and will kill you at any age.

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