Friday, May 12, 2017

1/1000 year wettest weather in U.S. generally speaking

Interesting weather (mostly soggy) over most of U....

If I read correctly here over most of the U.S. this means that only in one in 1000 years (on average) does weather like this last year occur.

I can definitely speak for California in this because we are dealing with a snow pack that varies between 190% to 230% of normal. Luckily so far the floding hasn't been as bad as the rains were. So, the biggest problems are things like Highway 1 being cut in 3 places still around Big Sur and one place will STAY cut south of River INN and Pfeiffer Campground until December which is really bad or local businesses and hotels etc. because most people visiting like to drive either north from Morro Bay or South from Monterey along Highway 1 and Big Sur.
And they cannot do that this year at all so local businesses are suffering because of this. I know that for example, Esalen of Bob, Carol Ted and Alice Fame will be closed most f this summer because it is south of the Pfeiffer Bridge break (they have to replace the whole bridge) by December with a single span long bridge with no struts because the ground is giving away and new struts won't work like before.

So, it had to be re-engineered.

Also, I just drove back from Mt. Shasta and Shasta Dam and San Luis Reservoir are the most full I have ever seen them maybe ever. Shasta Dam was so full form flooding from snowmelt that there was nothing between the water and the first trees. That is how full it was. Yosemite National Park people are going there in droves because the waterfalls are the most spectacular in years and year right now!

So, across the country I guess I'm not surprised that this is 1 year in a thousand in regard to rainfall and snow fall.
The roads in California are really bad from all the roads being undermined by water. So, be careful as you drive out here because you might see almost anything in the pavement or asphalt roads throughout California now.  Our governor is trying to fund road repairs but this is a really big state full of roads.

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