Saturday, May 6, 2017

Crazy Crazy Weather!

I'm looking at a weather radar map here and clouds are heading south along the Pacific Ocean and then somewhere likely in Mexico somewhere they are coming back up over land so you see this weather pattern of cold storms going up through California, Arizona, Colorado.

So, you see these storms going north as far east as Pueblo and Denver Colorado that are cold enough to snow for some reason that have first gone down along the Pacific Ocean into Mexico so it is sort of like looking at a reverse pinwheel of storms--down along the pacific ocean along the coast, up inland through Mexico but then showing up in California, Arizona, and as far east as Colorado heading north again. And I wouldn't be surprised at some point in Oregon or Washington or Canada that they head down south once again through the Pacific ocean and coast.

Strange and Crazy Weather!

It's supposed to Snow in Idylwild above Palm Springs and in Mt. Shasta California and in the Sierras too by the way.

But here's the kicker!

In Palm Springs we have a relative visiting there for an athletic game and she says Palm Springs will be 105 degrees today while it snows in Idylwild on Mt. San Jacinto right next to it at altitude!

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