Saturday, May 6, 2017

the Titanic sinking symbolizes the collapse of civilization here on earth caused by Overpopulation this century to me


Because when I look forward in time it is a complete paradox that I must face.

Facing the paradox is how humanity can and will survive this.

What causes the Titanic Effect this century?

Overpopulation causes genocide and terrorism in pockets around the world.

(We are presently seeing this in desert nations in the middle East where water and food and jobs were always scarce caused by living in a desert with few oasis places to grow food.)

So, as overpopultion (caused primarily by no regulated birth control) and we see now this in Muslim Countries the most) cause always at some point Genocide and Terrorism between sects of the local religion or religions.

(We have seen this now in Shias and Sunni Muslims murdering hundreds and thousands and maybe millions of each other in various countries just the last 5 to 10 years).

In addition they have almost driven extinct in these countries all Christians, Yazidis, and all other sects as well.

So, we are witnessing a complete genocide of all Christians, Yazidis and other sects and a partial genocide of Shias and Sunni Muslims and this likely will get 10 to 100 times worse the rest of this century.

So, what I'm saying here is this is not limited to the middle east either. Muslims in general are also genociding Animists throughout AFrica as well as Christians throughout Africa as well.

So, it is tied in with NO birth control within the Muslim Religion. Catholics are like this too but they don't usually take the birth control issue as seriously as Muslims do which is why the primary cause of Terrorism on earth right now is "No Muslim Birth Control" anywhere.

So, the problem is not a Muslim one (in other words there is nothing wrong with being a Muslim.

The problem then becomes the lack of birth control anywhere on earth.

So, if birth control is not made mandatory somewhat like China did in the 1970s we are going to see this whole thing destroy not only Middle Eastern Civilizations like we are now but also African European civilizations as well.

So, the solution isn't just getting Russia to stop protecting Assad and for IRan to stop protecting Assad, it is equally important to have mandatory birth control regulations throughout the Middle EAst and AFrica or this overopopulation and terrorism will ONLY get 10 to 100 times worse this century and threaten human extinction by 2080 to 2090.

Trump may stop human extinction just by how many people he kills directly and indirectly.

But, unless humans get a handle on birth control this century they still will go extinct next century.

So, mandatory birth control is the ONLY alternative to human extinction at present.

However, Global Climate Change might change all that too this century because of Trump to where

There might be only 100 to 500 million people left alive by 2100 just from Global Climate change.

This is more of a real possibility at present than most people understand!

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