Sunday, May 14, 2017

Death and Rebirth while still in the same body

I suppose some people's lives are very simple and others of us have lives very complex and interesting in both good and bad ways.

In my own life it is like having lived over 100 lifetimes in the same one. This was caused by moving many times, having to meet new people, having whooping cough, moving 50 times (literally between ages 0 and 45 etc.

Many people wouldn't want to do this or couldn't survive this. But I did.

On top of this I did this mostly in California which is one of the most experimental places on earth in the ways people live especially along the California coast. So, re-creating yourself over and over again is sort of "NORMAL" for Californians to begin with.

So, in this sense I don't feel abnormal for a Californian. But, people in other part of this country or world might not understand or be able to cope with the number of changes I have experienced in my life.

One of the advantages to living a life like mine is that I deal with Death better than most others having lost most everything at almost every age over and over again.

So, death doesn't completely destroy my life they way I have observed it destroy others who have very few changes to their lives that I have met.

So, like I said, having survived this many changes I find I can survive in general many more changes than other people in the world can or do.

And having changes begin before 5 years of age was a help in this where change became normal for me and not abnormal in my life.

So, I think before I was 5 or 6 I had already moved around Seattle 2 or 3 times and already I had moved at 4 to Vista California, at 5 to El Cajon, and at age 6 I moved to Tujunga, California in the Los Angeles area and by 8 I had moved to Glendale to go to Horace mann Grade school in 1956.

So, death is more normal for me in life having had so many many changes in my life. And sometimes it is pleasant to have new experiences and sometimes not. But, either way going through so many changes does make me more of a person to look for "The grass being greener on the other side of the hill."

So, this life has made me very much of a natural explorer of my world, the world around me, meeting new people in new countries and worlds and learning many things most people likely never would who have bee through less changes than me in life.

So, is it good to be like me?

Or is it better to have no changes in your life?

I think it is both good and bad to be both ways.

This is my opinion.

But, you might have another and you are welcome to your opinion too.

That's the other thing about having met so many people from all over the world.

You tend to be much less judgemental of everyone simply because you see everyone on earth as much the same as you just in different cultural settings.

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