Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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Thoughts on "Memories"

When I first began to write about Arcane in 1980 I was writing as a form of therapy to work through the pain in my own life and to move forward. Though I had felt secure from birth until age 18, I found transiting to adulthood very difficult for me. However, I was in good company. Most people don't get the adult instructions which are something like, "If you are not very practical and pragmatic you might not survive your 20s". or another one might be "Pure Idealism kills physical bodies" Or "If you don't temper your idealism with practical reality, death or insanity is the most likely result."

In 1980 I was 32 but even at age 29 "Don't trust anyone over 30" had been my motto. At about 29 1/2 years of age I began to see the absurdity of this point of view. Was I going to not trust myself in 6 months because I was over 30? Incongruity of the whole situation either made me laugh or cry. So, instead I realized I had to grow up in a new way that I hadn't considered having to do before that time. Even though growing up in the end led to the end of my marriage (because my wife was nevr going to grow up) and even though I had to raise my three year old son alone, it was better than staying in the 1960s and 1970s forever like many people I knew back then actually did.

So, writing about Arcane which eventually turned into "Memories after I almost died was an attempt to make sense of all the turmoil within me that I had already survived in my life. So I was very surprised to find out that I had been dealing with many of the same problems in other lifetimes in the past, present and future lives that I had already lived. So, sharing all this I have found to be very powerful on multiple fronts. Luckily, I have the kind of astrology that I actually gain power sharing these kinds of things rather than losing power like some souls tend to. So, the sharing of all these things exponentially increases not only my path to enlightenment but also the enlightenment of anyone who reads it as well, as many of you might have already found out by positive changes in your lives as a result of contemplating the thousands of very deep issues contained herein. It is like there are literally thousands of Zen Koans embedded in what I write. Many times even when I sit down and reread what God has brought through me I am amazed. I"m not amazed at my typos and wish I could write better, I'm amazed at what God has created and continues to create all the time through all beings. Thank you God!

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