Monday, May 8, 2017

Holy Experiences

People often seem to think Holy or spiritual experiences aren't completely terrifying because they are.

Real Spiritual experiences are much more terrifying than being murdered. (I just thought you should know). Why is this?

Because there is a saying in the Bible which is: "No one may see God and live!"

Now, this statement is absolutely true because I have experienced this.

But, you might say "But you are alive!"

No, Actually I saw God and I died. And that is the actual truth.

Because "No man may see God and live so I died of shock when I saw God.

But my body didn't die only I died and God took over my body. This is how I experience this.

So, unless you are ready to die and have God live in your body, (and many people are not ready for this) you need to be careful what you ask for.

I believed I was dying from Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy at age 15 or else I likely wouldn't have invoked God into my body with me, but after I did this I realized this was going to be permanent experience and I've got to say that most people could not survive what I went through between age 15 and 30. Nope.

But, would I do it all again?


After I invoked God into my body with me all seizures stopped immediately and never ever returned ever since. To me, this is just one of the signs of God joining me in my body. Then my physical appearance completely changed within a few months and girls started chasing me around ever after that (of course I got my two front teeth that had been broken in a bicycle accident since age 9 fixed too). So maybe this was a part of it.

So, these are two of the many signs I received from God that God had come into my life and body completely and nothing has ever been the same ever since.

By God's Grace

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