Friday, May 5, 2017

How Sharing helps worldwide online

The thing people want is real people being sincere about whatever they are talking or writing  about. In the end each of us brings a completely different life experience to the table than anyone else. In today's day and age I bring a unique viewpoint for a variety of reasons. First it is because of my parents of course because my father was Valedictorian of his High School Class likely because he bought a Harley 74 motorcycle when he was 14 and almost had to have his leg amputated in an accident. His father forbade him buying this used Harley 74 Horsepower Motorcycle but he bought it anyway with money earned from being a box boy at a market and boxing up food and carrying it out to a market. He hid it at a friend's house to keep his father knowing about this. However, one day he and his 12 year old brother were riding together on his motorcycle and a big German Shepard came out to bite them both and my father ran the dog down and this broke it's back and killed the dog likely so the dog didn't kill he and his brother. At the time his father had 40 hunting dogs so my father knew dogs pretty well and what they would tend to do. However, My father was seriously injured but his younger brother was a gymnist and likely did sommersaults or something and except for a few scratches was okay. But, The motorcycle came down and dragged my father's leg through the gravel road which caused it to get infected and since anti-biotics weren't invented yet this was very very serious and he almost died because his father wouldn't let them cut his leg off.

So, instead of cutting his leg off he got addicted Morphine in the hospital which he didn't understand and spoke of it later to me as "having a nervous breakdown" so I could see how my father would want to be focused on something solid like math and writing and intellectual stuff so he wouldn't have to see things from hallucinating coming off Morphine anymore. Average people really didn't understand much about drugs whether they were legal or not then compared to now. So, as a result, yes, my father was likely one of the most brilliant people I ever met whose father never let him go to college, so my father became an Electrician and later an Electrical Contractor instead. This trade kept him out of the military during World War II because he had already served in the Marine Corp reserve as a Gunner in a Bi-plane called a Hellcat in the U.S. Marine corp from 1934 until 1937.

My mother was raised fairly poor mostly in Seattle near Alkai point. She said they would all go to the movies in the 1920s when she was little when it only cost a nickle to see a movie then for a person.

She said though her father was a Methodist minister his ideas were too progressive for the church so he wound up becoming a cabinet maker and a security guard raising her and her two sisters and taking care of her mother. My mother was the youngest and when she turned 18 he left my mother and her mother to fend for themselves. So, my mother supported her mother and her by working in a ladies bag and shoe making facility until she got a job as a customer service representative for the Bell Telephone company which she still did part time when I was 5 years of age in 1953 in El Cajon and San Diego.

My mother and her mother were dyslexic and her mother though born in Philadelphia in 1888 when her family home burned down around 1900 her family had to move back to Scotland and her parents by then were too old to ever return to the United States. However, all 12 of herself and her brothers and sisters returned to the U.S. where they were all born because they were all U.S. citizens by birth.

Most of them went to Omaha to work on the newspaper there but my grandmother and grandfather went to Seattle where my father also grew up in a home in Lake Forest Park from about 1927 on.

My father was 11 in 1927 and he had an older and younger brother and their two sisters were the youngest in the family. My mother was 3 years younger than my father and they got together in 1946 two years before I was born.

My Great Grandfather on my father's side was a Captain in the Civil War on the Northern Side from Kansas. And my grandfather was born there in Kansas and when young became a baseball pitcher named "Pinkie" because he had red hair. Later he became an electrician and then Electrical Contractor through out the western states before finally settling in Seattle in Lake Forest Park.

I also lived there the first 4 years of my life on my grandfather's 2 1/2 acres of Black Cherry and Apple trees and Raspberries and Logan berries and Blackberries. I used to walk out the back door of where we lived and be able to pick raspberries, (my favorite then and now) in season. But at that age I had to be very careful of the thorns so this was half the battle of picking berries off those bushes for someone 2 to 4 years of age.

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