Sunday, May 14, 2017

If you think in terms of China, Russia and North Korea all being aligned in some way?

Then you have to assume that China has an interest in North Korea using nuclear weapons against South Korea, Japan or the U.S. or possibly even Russia. In the end China wants to rule the world alone without competition from Russia or the U.S. So, their game is to eliminate the competition.

Understanding this, you get where China is going with all this.

So, think about it!

The craziest people right now in regard to playing Nuclear Chicken are Kim Jong Un and Putin. So, the question has to be: "How does China use these two crazies to it's advantage?"

Maybe the answer is: "It gives them enough rope for them each to hang themselves by maybe helping wearing down the U.S. in the meantime."

IF China can have the U.S. and Japan and South Korea all worn down by North Korea and Russia there is less work then for China to take out Russia, Japan, North Korea and South Korea.

If you have ever read "The Art of War" by Sun TZU then you get what I'm talking about.

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