Monday, May 15, 2017

IF you turn on your Auto-update feature on your Microsoft software based computer this is one easy way to protect yourself

From Ransomeware in general. This is allows Microsoft to instantly throw you patches to your computer online anytime they become aware of new threats. This was said by a security expert Rod Beckstrom who is former director of National Cybersecurity Center here in the U.S. while speaking on CNN.

You also want Auto-update on for your anti-virus as well. This allows both microsoft and your anti-virus maker to instantly update your software to prevent viruses including Anti-viruses and Ransomware from destroying your data and your computer or your whole computer system of many computers.

Another idea he has is to buy an external hard drive, back up your entire system and then unplug it so it isn't infected like your computer might be by the next virus. So, at least you have a copy of your entire uninfected computer available at all times for re-installation if anything happens from that one backup.You might lose some more recent information but the bulk of what you have will be saved from that day.

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