Monday, May 15, 2017

CNN: NO one is aware that ANY payments resulted in the release of Hostage data. regarding Wanna Cry Ransomware

CNN: NO one is aware that ANY payments resulted in the release of Hostage data.

So, even if you paid the ransomeware bitcoins you still won't get your data back.

This sounds a lot more like ISIS in every sentence because this group is out to destroy the world economy which also sounds like ISIS. Because if you fail to give people their data even more people (in regard to medical data) are doing to die and this is a given. And if you have a business you just lost all your data if you haven't backed up your data daily or hourly or however you need to do this.

For example, if you have NEVER backed up your data on the computer or computer system that was hit you might Never regain ANY of that information ever again. Period.

So, for example, if you started a business 4 or 5 years ago and your only record of transactions is on this computer or system of computers then you are completely screwed and I have no idea at all what you would do then if you have never backed up that computer or system ever.

there are so far records of $70,000 in bitcoins being transferred to Ransomware senders but NO instances of ANYONE getting ANY DATA back so there is no point to paying the Ransomware tolls I guess for anyone on earth.

This is a disaster here in itself with at least 250,000 computers trashed in 150 countries so far and I"m told this could go on still for months the way this virus operates infecting computers around the world.

And now there is no "Kill Switch" or "Back Door" anyone presently knows about to undo this virus. So, from what I gather any computer hit is not useful anymore. So not only is this a loss (unless one completely reformats the hard drive (and even then I'm not sure I would trust the system anymore even if the whole hard drive is reformatted for a variety of reasons. (IN case the program by the NSA is also set up to avoid reformatting certain sections of your hard drive while telling you something else is going on rather than what actually is.)

So, for me, I would likely junk any infected computer with the Wanna Cry Virus to protect from future attacks somehow by stuff already on that computer that might not go away even if the hard drive was reformatted.

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