Monday, May 15, 2017

The smokescreen of Trump's problems with the nation is directly allowing Assad to kill 50 Sunni Children a day

While our nation decides whether to Impeach Trump or not during this time Assad is ALSO killing an average of 50 Sunni Muslim Children every day now. So, you see how Putin has succeeded in genociding anyone or any group that interferes with Assad staying in power. You can also see similar events worldwide where men, women and children are being killed worldwide if so much press wasn't involved in keeping our nation in one piece and protecting our democratic institutions.

So, our present legal Constitutional Crisis revolution here in the U.S. is killing hundreds per week just in children so far worldwide.

Once again, I expected millions of deaths more worldwide from now on throughout this century just from the decisions made or confusions made so far in confusing the this obvious revolution which might decide whether the U.S. Democracy and Institutions survive or not. And hopefully Trump isn't also taking us into a Dictatorship like Erdogan has Turkey by destroying their democracy completely there and turning into a new Saddam Hussein or Qadhaffi there de facto.

So, as our revolution progresses (so far relatively bloodlessly) expect thousands to millions to be murdered worldwide during this time from governments, drug lords, terrorists and governments like Putin's and Assad's.

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