Saturday, May 6, 2017

It snowed this morning on Mt. Shasta: Saturday

I talked to a friend in Mt. Shasta today and he said it snowed there this morning and was supposed to freeze again tonight. He said he has to head south on Interstate 5 tomorrow and was worried about Black ice from the storm overnight because he said everything was supposed to freeze tonight. So, early tomorrow morning might be dangerous from about 3 am to 10 or 11 Am when going through Mt. Shasta. So hopefully they rock the roads or something if there is black ice.

What is hard to imagine is it will also be 83 in Redding Tomorrow. It is presently 48 in Mt. Shasta and it says it will get to 37 tonight so maybe it won't freeze like my friend is worried about.

Just like it likely snowed today also in Idylwild while being 105 today likely in Palm Springs several thousand feet in altitude below San Jacinto Mountain in Southern California.

Really Really crazy weather for May from Colorado to out to sea on the pacific Ocean. The weather is all going in a counter-clockwise spiral. From the pacific Ocean to Colorado and possibly further east.

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