Saturday, May 6, 2017

What is your Criteria for Reality?

Usually I start out an article like this by saying "What is your Reality?"

But, today I realized "What is your criteria for reality?" a much better question. And what I found in college is the best answers are always created by the best questions.

So, in other words you really don't go to college to find the answers to questions, more you go to college to find out how to ask really superior questions. Because in the end it is the questions you ask not the answers you find that in the end that can and will save the human race from extinction.

Because in asking the right questions you may actually wind up saving the whole human race from extinction in the process.

So then as human beings it is not the answers that are important when you consider all of our survival as human beings it is learning to ask the right questions at the appropriate times in our lives.

For example, one of the things that saved my life is now almost a silly question to me:

It was: "What is the Psychology Today Magazine all about then around 1971 in the Palomar College Library there in San Marcos California."
 My curiosity  allowed me to discover that I didn't need to carry the weight of all my ancestors including my parents on my back. I ONLY needed to carry my own weight as an adult in this world.

I knew I wouldn't survive carrying all the pride of both sides of my family. I had to let all that go because I saw it was only going to destroy me literally. And so I let it all go so I could survive my life.

At that time I wanted to be a psychologist that specialized in people who were gifted in various ways and helping them to cope with their various kinds of gifts.

In this way it would help society as well as make me feel better about my life as well.

However, looking back now I realize I'm not as good a listener as one has to be to become a psychologist and I dont' have good enough boundaries like one MUST have to become a psychologist.

I did not want to become a psychiatrist because I'm not interested in having to give people drugs. I'm more interested in helping people through counseling methods where they don't have to medicate themselves.

And since then I have become even more convinced this is a better way because when legal or illegal drugs get involved it is almost always a mess for everyone involved. This is just my experience of what I have seen throughout my life.

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