Wednesday, May 10, 2017

It's Drizzling where I am this morning

My wife is the early riser in our family. I tend to sometimes like last night stay up and watch the news. I tend to watch mostly CNN and MSNBC lately. Fox news you cannot rely on enough for the truth so it mostly becomes a rumor mill I find. So, finding good sources for news becomes more and more of a problem as time goes on worldwide. Besides the most watched news program is presently Rachel Maddow on MSNBC since  "O'Reilly was fired for sexual harrrassment on Fox News.

This morning my wife said "Your dog didn't go number 2 this morning but he had breakfast. You need to see to him as she walked out of the door on an errand this morning." So, I dutifully walked over to our deck out the back door and was very surprised it was drizzling so hard I heard water going down the gutters from the roof. Like I said I was very surprised by this. So, I had to coax our Yellow Labrador out the door because he didn't want to get wet and cold but finally he went out in the big back yard and did his business and because of rain drizzle on his back came in as soon as he was finished. I got a little wet too trying to get him out there in the first place. So, even though rain might not show up on your RADARS worldwide regarding the SF BAY area still there is enough drizzle coming down outside now here to make sounds as it comes down the rain pipes from the roof through the gutters.

So, my guess is this is "FOG DRIZZLE" which we have been getting a lot of lately for some reason. Likely this is just a part of Global warming with increased evaporation from the Pacific Ocean. But, it will also make all the trees and wildflowers now blooming in the forests around me very happy too!

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