Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Most Successful Men are Narcissistic to a Greater or Lesser Degree

Why is this?

Because of you don't believe in yourself who will?

Because if you don't love yourself and show confidence in yourself who will love you?

Because you have to love yourself and demonstrate confidence to be loved continuously.

Women's psychology is completely different than men and has been for thousands of years.

I can't pretend to be an expert at what their psychology is except I usually get along with most women very well. This started with my Mother, her mother (both lived with me growing up) and I also got along well with my Aunts and most of my female teachers growing up. I wasn't one to misbehave (at least not in the public eye. I needed them to love me and to want to be around me and I facilitated this.

So, My father was a man's man and all men either loved or hated my father because he was an exceptional man. But, I could not compete with him in my family and succeed. So, I became a Ladies' man instead that women wanted to be with.

Why is narcissism necessary for success?

Like I said above if you don't have confidence in yourself who will?

So, the next step is learning how to convince people that you have good ideas and deserve to be successful.

But, if your narcissism as a man doesn't consider the needs of other people besides yourself you won't be successful after about 25 or 30. Not really.

So, the combination of loving yourself and having confidence in yourself tends to make you successful in both business and family.

But, there are drawbacks too. Whenever you succeed in one area often you don't in another.

So, there are Type A Men who succeed and become wealthy but the women in their lives are miserable.

Then there are men who love themselves but also prioritize the lives and futures and successes of others especially their significant others, and friends and relatives.

Though these men become successful often it is not in the vein of the Type A man who is driven to financial success often at the cost of his family in various ways.

So, no matter what path you take there are consequences.

Choosing the Type A Workaholic path might create success but you generally will have multiple wives or girlfriends with children along the way that may or may not love and respect you.

If you choose the "Family man" path you will be loved by all but might not reach the level of success of the type A man.

The problem with being a successful man in either case is when you become so addicted to worship (like a Rock Singer) that it interferes with your life and your families' life and your friends lives.

This then becomes what I call: "Narcissism out of control". At this point almost anything can and will happen because though male Narcissism is necessary for success, too much of it shorts out one's life because others survival and needs aren't properly considered.

So, though narcissism which often results in self love and confidence and success are necessary in life too much of it destroys not only the person but everyone around them in a sense the way an alcoholic often creates his whole family as enablers which harms them in a secondary sense.

So, a little narcissism is good because this is what has made the male part of civilization work in regard to male leaders within a civilization.

Too much narcissism only destroys people and those around them.

So, finding a balance is the key to all this if you are a successful man anywhere on earth or beyond.

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