Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Plastic and Carbon fiber?

They were saying that building a 3D printed car they used a combination of plastic and carbon fiber. You can see how oil will be even more important regarding plastics and building new things into the future with 3D printers. As the world uses less oil for combustion in gas and diesel engines especially this will be a good thing for 3D printed literally everything on into the future.

I think hobbyists will 3D print cars, planes and boats more and more over the years as the prices on 3D printers come down a lot like Microchips and solar cells have over the years as they are mass produced and developed more and more.

So, all you would need is the right template, the right 3D printer and the right materials and you could likely build almost anything you need as long as you had solar or wind anywhere on earth.

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