Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Preparing for the eventual end of the Internet and Cell phones?

I think this likely is coming. I cannot say exactly when but I can see it coming faster now every day. EVerything Internet is now a potential weapon of war for the world.


Because big wars and nuclear weapons cannot be used without ending mankind permanently here on earth.

So, other weapons that are more economic and civilization destroying can and will be used instead.

So, if we are logical we see that the Internet and cell phones (especially smart phones) will be targeted more and more.

We may have already witnessed the peak of the Internet as a Good thing and are slowly watching it all become a very bad thing. First individuals will see they cannot bank safely anymore using smartphones or home computers (like I already have) so I stopped completely using any phone or computer device for this already because the liability of doing this was just too high for me and my family anymore.

So next, people likely will begin to stop using the Internet for  Social Media because that becomes too unsafe as well. The next to stop using the Internet likely will be businesses and then the last to stop using the Internet will be governments who will only use it mostly for warfare between them.

And finally it likely will be too unsafe even for governments to continue doing this and then that will be the end of the Internet as we know it.

The Internet only can exist as long as there is enough trust for it to continue. IF you are shot in any restaurant you go into would you go into any restaurant anymore?

The same is true of the Internet. If you know you aren't safe there anymore why would you go there?

This is the reality of life we all live in now worldwide.

The end of the Internet likely  (at least as we know it now) coming within 10 to 20 years the way things are presently going worldwide.

What do you think?

Thinking more about this issue I also realize outcomes often are NOT logical at all. For example, people despite how dangerous it is to their future use Facebook for example, mostly because it is so socially addicting even though if you fully understand how dangerous Facebook is to not only your future but also to your employment (Especially if you are 6 to 20 years of age and haven't established your career yet).

So, Facebook completely is not logical in people using that. For example, the theater I go to wants to give? you free popcorn and soda (all you have to do is to download their app?

But, you have got to know on the Internet nothing is free even if it appears to be free.

For example, even though my site is free it is possible governments might use this site for their own purposes that might not be mine. So, even though I'm sincere in what I'm doing at this site doesn't mean others could be doing other things with it without my permission around the world.

So, what I'm saying here is even my kind and good efforts to help mankind and to save their lives and sanity anyway I can could be perverted in unknown was by others around the world.

So, logic doesn't always prepare us for the reality we will find.

Another example is this site itself. Originally on this and previous sites I have owned or operated since 1999 I wanted to first share how God had come into my life in amazing ways my whole life. Though I still write about this a lot over time I realized my readers were also interested in other things as well like Global Warming, preventing human extinction here on earth and other important things like that.

Since I am also interested in this I started to not only write about how God had changed my life and made it an ongoing miracle since I was 15 years of age (and likely before as well) but also how to save oneself and one's country and one's area and how to prevent human extinction and get enlightened at the same time.

So, reality in this way is constantly evolving as we each learn things we didn't expect to learn about ourselves and others before the moment or moments when we discover these things.

And then it becomes: "How can I best help myself and all other beings now?"

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