Monday, May 22, 2017

Privacy, Individuality and Free Thinkers Created "American Thought" in the first place

Also, rugged individualism helped create American Thought too over the now over 400 years since Americans first started coming over from Europe succesfully with the first successful colony being the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts.

IF you look carefully at what made America Great it was these very individualistic men and women shaped by growing up out in nature like Abraham LIncoln and others who are now the very foundations of human rights and Democracy to our nation today. For example, Lincoln learned to read and write by the fireplace at night by writing with charcoal I believe on a shovel to have something relatively flat to write on with charcoal from the fire. And from that he became one of our most beloved Presidents of all time even though he had to go through the Civil War to get to where we all are now.

The reason I'm writing this is that we should not forget what made our country great in the first place.

Privacy, Individuality and Free Thinkers who were allowed to think on their own without being forced into anything including political Correctness to corrupt their spirits from the truth.

A "Free Thinker" values the truth above all other things.

Although I was raised by my father who was valedictorian of his high School Class to be a free thinker to always be truthful as I came up I started to notice that just sharing truth as a young man and man often left people wounded. So, in my 20s I began to see how important politeness was also to people's survival. Though sometimes sharing the "Truth" is life saving and necessary one must also think about potential damage to people inside their minds and emotions if some truths are shared.

So, I learned to be more responsible in what I shared with people as I moved into my 20s during a very transitional time in the U.S. during the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

By 1980 I had learned how to share truth strategically only if it was necessary to someone's survival in the moment or beyond. Most of the time by 32 I had learned this and was much more careful than I had been in my teens and twenties about sharing truth with individuals.

Also, often it is "YOUR TRUTH" you are sharing which might mean it is not anyone's truth but your own. And learning that "YOUR TRUTH" might not be absolute as I once thought myself to be in my teens and twenties is very important too.

But, If I am a free thinker as I hope you are too, the basis of this is having enough time and enough privacy to actually think about things in a useful way.

And by being a free thinker you tend to change the lives of all you meet by your very free and individualistic thoughts.

So, be careful what you share because  people might misinterpret what you mean along the way.

However, also, sometimes it is worth the risk for them to see what truth really is and what privacy really is and what individuality really is and what good free thinkers can actually do for both themselves and the world around them at large.

By God's Grace

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