Monday, May 22, 2017

Descartes: "There is nothing so good that no bad may come of it and nothing so bad that no good may come of it"

I have watched all my life and this philosophical statement of Descartes has always proven itself correct to me throughout my life.

So, I tend to see it as how life functions and survives along the way.

Even in the destruction of our American System of government by Trump and Putin there likely will be SOME good things to come out of this even though millions and millions around the world are dying now because of their changes:

Through Presidential edicts without Congressional voting approval
Through the end of the Paris Accords
Through deals made not to protect medical rights here in the U.S.
Through the increase in Global WArming and speed of change by the end of the EPA
and and the end of U.S. participation in the Paris Accords
Etc. ETc. Etc.
Through the end of Foreign Aid By Trump

I could go on all day like this but that would just make you and I nauseous and at this point it likely would be counterproductive to any positive outcome of writing all this in the first place.

So "What Good will come from Donald Trump as President?"

I'm thinking he is the death of political correctness for all mankind. And hopefully his lies
being so much bigger lies than political correctness lies will wake us all up to what is really important as we watch our friends and relatives die from what Trump does next.

Basically what I see happening is a mass suicide of young people happening because of "Loss of Hope" through opioids and other means. This is what happens when political correctness meets reality which is much different than political correctness.

However, in the past people had to fight literally for our democracy and it looks like if we want democracy we will all have to fight for it once again, (hopefully in bloodless ways).

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