Monday, May 22, 2017

Political Correctness led directly to Trump and the end of the American Democracy


National identity in the U.S. came from a rugged individualism fostered by the settling of this country. The whole world respected this. When we started going towards political correctness (for whatever the reason) the world stopped respecting the United States as a nation.


Because most of the world being very traditional could not relate to this. Some groups could who identified more by race, by gender and by ethnicity but countries in general did not.This made us vulnerable to the ultimate liar: Trump.


Because ALL aspects of Political Correctness are based upon the lies we tell ourselves to make us feel better. But, they are still lies never the less.

So, to the rest of the world who aren't educated enough about what political correctness is all about we just look insane to them and so they in general want to destroy us.

And now Putin in using Political Correctness in Machiavellian  ways has finally succeeded with the financing of China to turn our political correctness against us.


When people are all caught up in Sexual or racial or ethnic identity rather than protecting our democratic institutions that have allowed Political Correctness and human rights to exist in the first place, it is sort of like watching them all slit their collective throats in that all their rights are now being taken away completely by Putin and Trump.


By Trump and Putin using their very political correctness against Americans and Europeans at each and every turn.

So, America has been tricked to commit suicide because of a loss of national identity because of political Correctness.

And in the complete confusion of marching for sexual rights, racial rights, and ethnic identity rights we have lost the whole point of our Democratic institutions.

Could Good still come from all this?


But, at least for now we have lost everything that protects sexual identity, racial rights, and ethnic identity rights and human rights in general in the process.

But now, only through very great suffering and loss of life are we likely to get those rights back.


Because all our democratic institutions are compromised by the 1% to 10% of the world. And how would we get our human rights back now?

Only some kind of serious revolution or mass demonstrations or labor strikes of millions of people are likely to bring back our democratic institutions once again.

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