Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The level of disrespect shown Comey by Trump smacks of a coverup!

The level of desperation of Trump to treat the head of the FBI this way is unheard of for ANY sitting U.S. president ever.

Comey had to see it on TV and think it was a prank done to make him freak out or laugh first. He wasn't even given the right to send in his letter of resignation like a gentleman. So, the desperation from Sessions and Trump is obvious likely because the Subpeonas went out to the associates of Flynn while he was National Security Advisor to the president today from the FBI.

Trump's days as president are now numbered. Any fool can see this. It just depends now how much protection Republicans are going to give him before they turn on him like all Republicans did on Nixon too.

The sooner they turn on Trump the more likely Republican Congressmen and women can salvage their careers as Congresspeople now!

The later they turn on Trump the more likely they will never be elected even to dogcatcher ever again!

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