Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The median age of 23 for Muslims is the youngest of all religions worldwide? Why?

The average age of all Non-Muslims is age 30 worldwide.

Because Muslims do not practice Birth control of any kind in general and because of this they tend to overpopulate areas where they live. This in turn also creates poverty and joblessness as a direct result. It also creates starvation with no jobs and no chance of marrying. So, often a young woman is either going to stay at home with her parents and sisters for life because young men of her class cannot afford to marry her. Because they don't date only marry this means she could be an old maid very soon and so unmarryable by 30. For young men, there is the opposite problem where if they cannot find a job they often turn to crime and have to leave home but still don't have a wife or a place to live. So then, being paid by someone like ISIS (if they are Sunni Muslim) or being paid by IRan to be Hezbollah (if they are Shia Muslims) might look much better than just starving to death.

So, for young men becoming a Shia or Sunni Terrorist therefore is a career choice that might keep them alive until 30 or not. So, the very seeds of Terrorism lies directly in no birth control in Muslims itself.

NO birth control is always a choice but if birth control isn't practiced, Overpopulation, genocide and terrorism are never far behind, especially in 3rd world desert nations in the Middle East and Africa.

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