Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trying to figure things out

It's been a rough 3 years for my wife starting with her first knee replacement on her right knee. This was harder than she expected and not as good at first as she expected. 1 year later she needed a larger white plastic insert than the one she first had because the first one wasn't big enough for her. So, they had to operate once again but this wasn't as bad as the first time. Then by August of 2016 we realized this time (after 2 years) finally her leg worked right with the knee replacement where I didn't have to always stand in front of her going down escalators so she didn't feel like she was going to fall down the escalator (this was her biggest fear) for 2 years basically. So, finally by last August her leg worked right finally so she felt like she had made it to where she could cope with it (sort of). Then in November we started to get sick and then one of us was sick for about 4 months. We sort of kept giving each other the sore throat that turns into bronchitis over and over just like many of you got it from co-workers again and again this winter (and spring) around the world.

Then starting in February she found out her Step Dad 98 and her Uncle 90 were dying. And then within a month she lost them both. Before that her best friends mother since her birth they were friends died in her 90s I believe too. Then another friend's mother died. And so then she kept getting angry dealing with the grief as people tend to that are healthy enough to grieve. IF you are not healthy enough to grieve  right it is much worse.

We agreed she needed to get a separate therapist to see so she didn't get angry at me because I am not to blame for her step father and uncle dying. So, the healthy way is not to blame me as a scapegoat or anything like that if we honor our marriage.

So, as you can see it has been a tough 3 years for my wife and I guess for me too because of living through all of this with her.

But, as long as we are friends and respect and love each other it is going to be okay eventually because we are both very practical people and so never argue about anything actually important only stupid things because  of both of our practical natures.

So, life goes on. Is life perfect?

Life is okay. It has it's ups and downs but mostly it's okay ever since I was forced to retire in 1998 in the fall. I then expected to be dead by 60 which would have been 2008 but then I was diagnosed with being Hypothyroid (I needed to take thyroid medicine) so instead of dying I got well and then I had to start taking lisinopril for my heart in 2010 and then I had a burst appendix in 2015 around Easter, and then because I had a laproscopic operation for my burst appendix it caused me to have a hernia around my belly button and so I couldn't lift heavy weights much any more over about 40 pounds unless I was wearing a Weight lifting belt. So, often I wear something like this when lifting weights or hiking strenuous places or skiing.

But, I haven't given up and keep walking my dogs and doing physical things and lately I'm thinking about buying a dry suit so I can go in the water where I live on the NOrthern California coast and go snorkeling along the surface because I can't wear wet suits any more because of my heart condition. But, you know, where there' a will there's a way.

If you can't find a way to have fun exercising you are dead anyway. You just don't know it yet!

So, as long as I can keep going and having fun doing amazing things I'm going to be alive and kicking! So, just keep going and eat right and keep having fun.

Like Sinatra said in a song: "And you can survive to 105 if you're young at heart"

Note; By the way in February I discovered this thing called Ridgecrest Herbals "Clear Lungs"
It's a Chinese herbal Formula that ends the sore throat that turns into bronchitis over and over again.

So, if you take 2 of these herbal caps when you get the sore throat then it never progresses to the bronchitis coughing stage.

It has so far kept me well whenever I have gotten the sore throat now since February 2017 so I know it works!

You can take 2 of these caps every 4 hours (if you need to) to stop getting sick over and over again by the way. But, only take them if you absolutely need to this way they stay potent for your bodies' health and longevity.

Hopefully, this will help you stay well like it did me since February 2017.

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