Saturday, May 13, 2017

What is enlightenment about?

For me, enlightenment is about being a care giver like a parent. If I have someone to take care of then it makes sense to me to take care of myself. But, If I don't have someone to take care of life didn't work very well for me when I was young. So, I'm a natural caregiver so I'm not happy unless I have someone to take care of then I can literally do anything, go anywhere, endure anything if I have a reason to go on for my wife and kids and grandkids. So, for me my yoga I realized in my 20s was to be a householder yogi which means your Yoga or discipline is around your family.

And as I grew older I realized my family became not only my biological family but anyone who needed my help that I could safely help. And then it kept spreading out from there. So, if you can discover your path, your yoga, that suits your nature then half the battle for enlightenment will be already won.

So, the first step is understanding yourself and what you need to stay alive and be happy enough to actually want to be alive in the first place.

Know thyself

By God's Grace

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