Monday, May 8, 2017

Voting for Trumpcare was political Suicide for Republicans

They might be celebrating now with Trump but thousands of deaths later (if the senate signs onto this bill) you are going to see the biggest vote out of Republicans (both Republican Senators and Congressman) maybe in U.S. history in 2018.

It is like watching Republican House members lining up next to Trump and slitting their own throats by signing on to maybe the worst Republican legislation in history.

So, if Republican Senators also sign onto this thing you are going to see the worst blood bath in history of Republican Senators AND Congressmen voted out of office in 2018 ever.

This is just reality folks.

When the base is only 36 or 37 percent that isn't enough to stop a Republican Bloodbath when people's relatives start to die by the thousands from this colosal Screw up. You can give people things but when you take away things like this repeal and replace does the people are going to now be out for blood, especially when relatives in EVERY STATE will be dying from this takeaway!

Think about this folks, this 36 or 37 percent is also what Marine La Pen got vote wise in France and she lost terribly to Macron.

It's great when you play to your base but they aren't enough to save the Republicans now that voted for this bill!

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