Monday, May 8, 2017

If you haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 don't read this

In this movie Kurt Russell Stars as the God Ego, Star Lord's father. He has a planet that he has created to live on that is literally him, a Celestial. However, the millions of years he has lived have sort of retarded him into a strange place rather than an expansive place.

I suppose if someone was truly alone that long maybe they might go a little haywire but why was he alone in the first place if he is a Celestial. Why is there only one of him and no family or tribe of celestials. Was he kicked out of wherever he was from because he was already a lunatic fringe among celestials? None of these questions are properly answered along with: "What is going to happen to Star LORD now his father is gone?"

If STar Lord was immortal before what is he now? Minced liver?

So, I had a lot of problems making sense of what they were trying to do during this movie if I apply it to real life at all in the universe. But then again, "Guardians of the Galaxy" is only a comic book converted to a movie like all the rest and maybe we are ONLY supposed to be entertained and mind boggled by all the laughing and scenery because we aren't supposed to GET the real implications here that are sort of retarded if you are an intelligent person thinking about all this.

So, was the movie entertaining?

You Bet!

But, was it realistic?

Are you kidding?

To be realistic STar Lord would be brought into a family of Celestials who would adopt him as their own (or as much as Hercules 'half man half God' was accepted by Zeus and the rest of the family.

As a relative of Galactic Royalty he would have been both accepted and protected as much as possible by his real family.

And any God who would kill Star Lord's  mother with a brain tumor deserves what EGO got in the movie!

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