Sunday, May 14, 2017

We are definitely in a Cyber World War III scenario folks. So expect ongoing cyber attacks like Friday from now on

I think to see this WannaCry cyber attack as just a part of the ongoing attacks on the western World by Russia.

IF you look at Russia as a nation that feels attacked by Sanctions, especially Putin, he is at war with the western world. He is also at war in the Middle East with all Sunni Muslims. He is at war with Europe because he caused all the Sunni Muslim Refugees from Syria and Iraq to try to escape the war to Europe. So, it could be said that La Pen almost becoming France's President as well as the election of Trump were DIRECTLY caused by PUTIN.

To not realize this is to be dangerously naive!

We are at war with Russia folks. Just because you don't see armies landing on each others shores doesn't mean it isn't going on every day 24 hours a day now.

Putin is attacking with cyber attacks Europe and the U.S. every day now. Putin is attacking through Trump to destroy ALL our institutions every day now!

IF you don't see this by now then you deserve to lose the U.S. government and our democracy forever! Because you are going to  if you don't find a way to fight back soon!

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