Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What is the main Difference between Christianity and Tibetan Buddhism?

The easiest difference is Christianity believes in Jesus and Buddhism Believes in Gautama Buddha who lived about 500 years before Christ.

The second thing one notices is Christianity is usually about Dualism and about believing in God and Buddhism instead concentrates on Compassion for all beings in the universe instead. I think Buddha said something like: "Whether God exists or not is not important. What IS important is the suffering of mankind and all sentient beings. IF we solve the problem of suffering beings in the universe then we can see if God exists." So, this is a very different point of view than we have in Christianity.

The second difference is how Buddhism views Gods in the first place. For example, Buddhism says that God's once they gain the gifts of God often use up their good karma by playing and having fun instead of helping others out of their suffering and so thus they fall into the hell realms because they are not helping their brothers and sisters out of their suffering too with their wealth of good karma that they then just use up without thinking and then fall straight into hell realms.

When I first heard about this I didn't know what to do with all this. Then also, I had by this time (since I had already met the Galactic Sentience) and wondered whether The Creators of this Galaxy also were like this as Gods?

I'm still not certain if this applies to that whole species too or not.

However, what I find IS important is I agree that finding practical ways to end the suffering of all beings in the universe as soon as possible will naturally end all wars, all disease, all harmfulness between beings through ignorance, and help all to create heavens right here on earth.

So, what I find is pockets of heaven all over the earth in various places where there is clean air, clean water, and a lack of crime and I do prefer to be in those places, rather than the places where the air kills, the water kills, disease kills, people kill each other etc.

So, the point is to create more places with Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean food where people are kind to each other and don't kill each other.

But, until there is governmental birth control in ALL places on earth this cannot be.

So, either people abstain from sex between men and women to some degree or they use birth control of one kind or another, OR THEY LIVE IN HELL HERE ON EARTH!

This is inevitable because earth is only so big and people cannot just keep having babies without limit without human extinction being the ultimate result this century or the next.

So, what is kindness and compassion?

Making people aware of how to create a heaven in their lives and conversely that many or most people are in ignorance creating a hell realm for themselves and their children.

By God's Grace

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